What is Club4U?

This is an integrated platform where you communicate important messages to your existing and potential clientele.

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Quality Services
Support & Inform
Loyal Customers
The first and most important step for a successful corporate presence in todays competitive markets. Quality after sales support and informing your customers means benefits for you. Customers' trust creates the framework for further corporate development.
  • Club4U platform incorporates advanced features that make it ideal for every situation

    • Original source code
    • Customization according to your needs
    • User friendly
    • Instant sending information message (not SMS)
    • Notifications in mobile devices
    • Content rich messages with photos, video, pdf, etc
    • Personalized messages
    • Statistics
  • With Club4U platform you get a bunch of advantages that put you ahead of your competitors:

    • Install & Forget: After installation no action is required from mobile app user.
    • User Fiendly Interface
    • With 1 click, your message (not SMS) is broadcasting worldwide to all mobile app users.
    • Your message is 100% delivered
    • No more spam messages
    • Secure connection with company's system
    • GDPR compliant
    • Promotional packages according to your needs