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Club4U communication services offer you the flexibility, ease of use and put your business in the new digital communication era through the integrated platform for creating and sending content in the form of messages (not SMS / MMS, not e-mails) to mobile devices.

With the use of innovative technologies, Club4U enables companies, organizations, groups, clubs, professionals, and any other group of people to communicate important messages with one click at the same time to all recipients anywhere in the world. Messages are rich content and can contain text, photos, videos, pdf, etc.

How it works?
The Club4U platform is fully customizable and adaptable to the needs of each business. It consists of 2 parts:

  • Content creation & Messaging Service: Initially, the partner company account is created and all the necessary settings for creating and sending content, as well as push notifications, are made.
  • Mobile app: Creating a customized mobile app company with all the required features (logo, graphic elements, etc.) that receives content.

In order to send content, the company logs in to a URL provided by Club4U and through a WYSIWYG editor creates the message and sends it to the recipients. The message reaches the application by push notification, while the user can read it at the same time, or later.

The main advantage of Club4U platform is that the user of the mobile app, is not required to give any personal data (e-mail, phone, etc) unless him/herself wants it.
Also, using Club4U every company can send personalized messages.


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